Why I Hope My Students Believe Bigfoot Exists

On the last night of the first summer camping trip I ever led, our group was huddled around a campfire laughing at the inside jokes and funny stories that had unfolded during our time together. A student subtly tugged on the hood of my sweatshirt and quietly asked me a question:

Student: Wait. Are you serious? You’re telling me you actually believe Bigfoot exists?

Me: Wait. Are you serious? You’re telling me you actually believe a guy named Jesus was murdered and then came back from the dead?

Student: Wait. What?

Maybe a little context will help.

Nearly 10 years ago, I inherited a high school ministry that had experienced four different high school pastors in the previous four years. Although there was a remarkable group of volunteers involved in the ministry and solid traditions and programs were in place, the ministry was craving a more consistent and clear vision from leadership. Although I initially focused my energy on building relationships with students and volunteers and sought ways to improve our weekly program, I knew that eventually I would need to rethink our annual camps and retreats…

Read the full article at: http://www.youthworker.com/youth-ministry-resources-ideas/youth-ministry/11729416/

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